Where to find Journey Press in November/December!

It was kind of inevitable. Once the worst of the pandemic was over (we’re vaxxed and boosted — go House Pfizer!) we knew we’d be hitting all the local and regional shows. After all, the funnest part of running a press is meeting all of you cool people! Well, that and writing Pinky jokes.

We’ve got tons of events coming up over the next several weeks, live and in-person, so we hope you’ll join us for them. It won’t be just us at these shows, but lots of folks with cool wares to offer!

11/20/21: Nevada St. Nerd Market, Oceanside, CA

This one is really exciting — cosplayers, vendors, and our very favorite comics shop, Panels! They were one of the first places one could get Journey Press titles. So come on down and see what it’s all about!

11/26-28/21: LosCon 47, Los Angeles, CA

We’ll be at LosCon, Southern California’s oldest science fiction conventions! Not only will we have a presence in the Exhibit Hall, but we’ll also be doing panels throughout the weekend. Don’t miss it!

12-11-21: North Park Book Fair


Verbatim Books is another of the first stores that carried Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963)! We’ll be sharing a table with the Philip K. Dick podcasters (the DickHeads — I didn’t make up the name…) and there will be a live recording of their show there!

12-14-21: Space Cowboy Books Presents:

Janice’s new book, At First Contact comes out at the end of November. She’ll be chatting about it with none other than the Space Cowboy himself, Jean-Paul Garnier. Another must-attend, and this one you can do in the privacy of your own home!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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