The Eighth Key wins the Rainbow Award!

When The Eighth Key came out last spring, it made an impact. Not only was it a gripping fantasy yarn, but it was a steamy, slow burn male/male romance. One reviewer praised it for “making consent sexy”. Another found it refreshing that gay angst wasn’t featured, just a great gay couple. Our favorite review gushed about how it was the first time she’d read a book where sex was fundamental to the plot of a fantasy novel!

Last week, we got the absolute cherry on top of this sundae of feedback: on December 8, The Eighth Key won The Rainbow Award for Best Gay Fantasy Romance! It was a crowded field with lots of worthy candidates, so we are beyond proud to have gotten the nod (along with Geoffrey the Very Strange by Angel Martinez).

If you want to know what convinced the Rainbow Award jury, check out Elisa’s review!

And then pick yourself up a copy… 🙂

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