Author: Christine Sandquist

Christine Sandquist (eriophora) is a project manager working in the audio visual industry with a passion for books, art, and a smattering of other hobbies. She currently lives in NYC, but has previously lived in Texas, Washington (state), and grew up in Oregon. Prose-driven novels with heavy emphasis on atmosphere are generally her favorites, especially those with an undercurrent of mystery that relies on the reader actively attempting to piece together the world.

Sibyl Sue Blue is HERE!

When I was putting together our first collection of classic science fiction, Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963), one name kept popping up. Rosel George Brown exploded onto the SF scene in the late ‘50s, earning a nomination for the Best New Author Hugo in 1959. It was deserved — Brown combined a savviness for…