Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women

Volume 1: 1958-1963

By Various

The Silver Age of Science Fiction saw a wealth of compelling speculative tales — and women authors wrote some of the best of the best. Yet the stories of this era, especially those by women, have been largely unreprinted, unrepresented, and unremembered.

Until now.

Volume one of REDISCOVERY represents a historic first: fourteen selections of the best science fiction of the Silver Age, written by the unsung women authors of yesteryear and introduced by today’s rising stars. Curated by the team that produces the Hugo-nominated Galactic Journey.

Join us and rediscover these lost treasures.

Female authors wrote stories about coming of age…cautionary tales…stories set beyond our universe… You’ll find these themes and more in this anthology. I hope that as you read their stories you don’t try to ferret out ‘feminine’ versus ‘masculine’ elements. What you are about to read is really good science fiction, plain and simple. I certainly enjoyed the journey and have every expectation that you shall, too.” -from the Foreword by Dr. Laura Brodian Freas Beraha

ISBN: 978-1-951320-00-3

Categories: All Ages, Science Fiction

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Volume 2: 1953-1957

Women write science fiction. They always have.

Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1953-1957) offers, quite simply, some of the best science fiction ever written: 20 amazing pieces, most of which haven’t been reprinted for decades…but should have been. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the genre, you are in for a treat. 

This collection of works—18 stories, 1 poem, 1 nonfiction piece—are a showcase, some of the best science fiction stories of the ’50s. These stories were selected not only as examples of great writing, but also because their characters are as believable, their themes just as relevant today, their contents just as fun to read, as when they were written almost three quarters of a century ago. 

Dig in. Enjoy these newly-rediscovered delicacies a few at a time…or binge them all at once!

Praise for Rediscovery

“What’s most important about this series and the work Gideon is doing is that it continues to shine a light on the important and often lost voices of women in science fiction…I’m so glad to see broader recognition for the foundational work of these female science fiction authors.”

Dr. Lisa Yaszek, Regents Prof. Science Fiction Studies. School of Literature, Media, & Communication, Georgia Tech

Single-author collections are a fine way to discover new authors, but sometimes a selection is even better. One cannot know if one enjoys something until one samples it. If variety is your desire, track down Gideon Marcus’ Rediscovery Vol 1: SF by Women (1958–1963). Not only will you find fourteen classic tales of science fiction by fourteen different authors, but each story is accompanied by commentary by a modern luminary. Best of all, Marcus sidesteps the usual trap of reprinting stories already often published. Even if you are familiar with Judith Merril, Rosel George Brown, Kit Reed, and the other classic authors, the odds are very good you have not read these particular works.

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Amazing Stories Magazine

Over half a decade later, separated from a time when many authors veiled behind initialed pen names to survive in the male centric industry, the one gleaming constant is that these stories aged well. This is vital when trying to introduce new readers to older work. Some of these names may be more familiar than others, but that should change.

We can’t wait to see what Journey Press brings us next because Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women is a bright reminder of what science fiction fandom is all about.

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James Nicoll Reviews

Kudos to the editing team for going beyond the usual selections for the classic authors featured herein. Most of these stories were entirely new to me.

An exemplary assortment of SF from half a century ago, this anthology should appeal to people familiar with the period and people unfamiliar with it wishing to gain familiarity.

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