Sibyl Sue Blue

A thrilling, ground-breaking story of crime, mystery, action, and romance:

Stop a murder, save two planets!

Who she is: Sibyl Blue, single mom, undercover detective, and damn good at her job.

What she wants: to solve the mysterious benzale murders, prevent more teenage deaths, and maybe find her long-lost husband.

How she’ll get it: seduce a millionaire, catch a ride on his spaceship, and crack the case at the edge of the known galaxy.

“Rosel George Brown’s long-overdue first novel, SIBYL SUE BLUE, is something, believe me, else…froth and fun and furious action.”

Judith Merril

ISBN: 978-1-951320-08-9
Categories: All Ages, Science Fiction

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Rosel George Brown

Hugo Finalist Rosel George Brown exploded onto the science fiction scene in 1958, regularly appearing in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science FictionAmazing StoriesFantastic Universe and elsewhere. Two of her best stories were published in our Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963).

Her hit 1966 novel, Sibyl Sue Blue a.k.a. Galactic Sibyl Sue Blue, poised her at the edge of superstardom. Sadly, her life was cut short by lymphoma in 1967, snuffing out one of the brightest lights of science fiction’s Silver Age. It has been our pleasure to “rediscover” this lost luminary, bringing her work to life for a modern audience.