Big news for At First Contact!

Happy New Year, everyone! We’ve kept things quiet for a bit so we could all enjoy the holidays. But behind the scenes, things have been rumbling right along.

The best news has been that people have loved At First Contact, our latest release. Not one, not two, but three major outlets asked new author Janice L. Newman for interviews about her sci-fi/fantasy romance trilogy of novellas.

Plus, we got a lovely review. So check out all the buzz the book’s gotten gotten in just one month:

John Scalzi’s Blog

On December 3, John Scalzi featured Janice on his The Big Idea:

Author Janice L. Newman is thinking about love, what it means, and how it manifests… and not in the ways we always expect. In the Big Idea for her collection At First Contact, Newman explains why all these various looks of love matter to her...

It’s a great piece. Check it out!

Space Cowboy’s author interview series

At this amazing December 14 interview, Ms. Newman not only talks about At First Contact, but she reads a thrilling excerpt from the first story, a hard science fiction tale of first contact…in more ways than one!

Don’t miss it!

Mary Robinette Kowal’s My Favorite Bit

What could a hard science fiction novella, a paranormal story, and a modern fantasy piece have in common? Janice talks about the elements that unite At First Contact and make it more than the sum of its parts on Mary Robinette Kowal’s December 23 blog.

Worth the read!

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be a book release without a review by our favorite critic, Rachel Anne Simson, published January 8:

Each story in this collection is so different from the next, but Janice’s masterful writing really helps to pull them all together, and you can go into each story expecting a romance that will blow all of your expectations. These stories are thrilling, exciting and beautiful, and each romance focuses on deep connections and friendship. With a little sprinkle of magic and wonder, this collection is unique, imaginative and diverse and I absolutely love the fact that it doesn’t conform to traditions...

See the rest!

(If you haven’t yet, get yourself a copy of At First Contact today! 🙂 )

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