Gideon Marcus

Gideon Marcus is the founder of Journey Press. A professional space historian and award-winning science fiction author, he is the editor of the Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women series and the author of The Kitra Saga.

Tom Purdom

Thomas Edward Purdom (born 1936) is an American writer best known for science fiction and nonfiction. His story Fossil Games was a nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 2000. He has also done music criticism since 1988. His works have been translated into German, Chinese, Burmese, Russian, and Czech. He lives in Philadelphia.

Laura Weyr

When it comes to fusing elaborate high fantasy with steamy queer romance, no one does it better than three-time Hugo Finalist Laura Weyr! Her first full-length novel, The Eighth Key, will captivate as well as excite. Laura lives in sunny California with her husband, daughter, and cat. Stay tuned for more from this talented new arrival!

Rosel George Brown

Hugo Finalist Rosel George Brown exploded onto the science fiction scene in 1958, regularly appearing in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science FictionAmazing StoriesFantastic Universe and elsewhere. Two of her best stories were published in our Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963).

Her hit 1966 novel, Sibyl Sue Blue a.k.a. Galactic Sibyl Sue Blue, poised her at the edge of superstardom. Sadly, her life was cut short by lymphoma in 1967, snuffing out one of the brightest lights of science fiction’s Silver Age. It has been our pleasure to “rediscover” this lost luminary, bringing her work to life for a modern audience.

Janice L. Newman

Janice L. Newman has come a long way from her college days as a music and Japanese major. A talented writer, she has contributed to Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women and is currently working on more thrilling SFF romances. Janice’s experience as a corporate controller makes her invaluable as the backbone for Journey Press and 3x Hugo Finalist Galactic Journey. She resides in San Diego with her writer husband, artist/writer/musician daughter, a gopher-eating cat, and a lump of a snake.