Hyvilma — The Kitra Saga #3

A damaged ship, a dying shipmate–can she save both?

Under attack! The flight back to Hyvilma should have been the easy part for the crew of the Majera–until a deadly ambush by pirates sends them reeling through hyperspace. Now getting to the planet in time is the only way Captain Kitra Yilmaz can save her dying friend. But landing at Hyvilma may be impossible: war has broken out on the Frontier.

“If you love classic Star Trek, this book is a must read! This is the most action-packed of the series yet! I love that we get to see a canonically plus-sized character be a total badass. The ending leaves me excited for the next installment in the series!”     

Robin Rose Graves, The Bookwormhole

“A sound, solid piece of work …Some excellent ink illustrations complement the text.”     

Mike Reeves-McMillan

I Want the Stars

By science fiction luminary Tom Purdom:

Fleeing a utopian Earth, searching for meaning, Jenorden and his friends take to the stars to save a helpless race from merciless telepathic aliens.

But when travelers from another galaxy appear, offering to answer any question, reveal any secret, and end any conflict, are their motives sinister…

or sincere?

The first science fiction novel to star a Person of Color, and the first to positively portray a queer couple, I Want the Stars (1964) is still a progressive masterpiece.

Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1953-1957)

Women write science fiction. They always have.

Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1953-1957) offers, quite simply, some of the best science fiction ever written: 20 amazing pieces, most of which haven’t been reprinted for decades…but should have been. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the genre, you are in for a treat. 

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It’s not often a publishing house gets to print a “first” anything. Journey Press has got a book that was the first for a lot of things. In 1964, Ace Books published I Want the Stars, the first novel by a young science fiction author named Tom Purdom. It was about as humble a beginning…

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