Our Story

Journey Press began as a natural outgrowth of the Hugo Finalist web project, Galactic Journey. That Journey’s mission is to rediscover the science fiction and fantasy gems of the past, making them accessible once more to the modern audience.

We thought: instead of just spotlighting the forgotten classics, what if we started reprinting them? And once we had established a publishing house, why not use the same structure to discover new talent creating works with the same quality and sense of wonder?

Thus, Journey Press was born in 2019 with the goal of bringing unusual and diverse science fiction to the forefront of the publishing landscape. We are dedicated not only to modern science fiction, but also to elevating classics that have fallen by the wayside. You’ll find us supporting the women and queer people who have been erased from the history books and reprinting novels that fell by the wayside in addition to publishing new novels by creators of all types.

Our Team

Gideon Marcus – Managing Editor

Gideon Marcus is the founder of Journey Press. A professional space historian and award-winning science fiction author, he is the editor of the Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women series and the author of the Kitra saga.

Janice L. Newman – Finance/Editing

Janice L. Newman is Journey Press’ copyeditor and controller. She makes sure the sentences make sense and the numbers add up.

Erica Frank – Layout

Erica Frank is responsible for the layout of all Journey Press titles, ensuring that they are pleasant to read and available in all formats. She is also an inveterate researcher, compiling data on classic SFF from copyright information to publication history.

Christine Sandquist – Marketing

Christine Sandquist manages Journey Press’ internet presence, from social media to web design. In their spare time, they also moderate one of the web’s largest SFF communities.

Sabrina Watts – Cover Design

Sabrina Watts has produced Journey Press’ striking covers since October 2020. She combines an artistic eye with top technical chops. As a free agent, Sabrina is also available to produce your cover. Give her a try — we highly recommend her work.