On the Road with Erica Friedman

Erica Friedman, Lesbian Icon, is one of the hardest working women in the business. From her Okazu blog (the most comprehensive source for Yuri in English!) to her Pride month activities, her con schedule to her tour in support of the groundbreaking By Your Side: The First Hundred Years of Yuri Anime and Manga, it’s all we can do to keep up with her!

Here are some of the things she’s done recently, and where you can find here next!

Kinokuniya presents… Erica Friedman!

Kinokuniya is one of Japan’s premiere bookstore chains, with locations throughout Japan and the United States. We’ve been thrilled to see Erica’s book on the shelves of Kinokuniya stores throughout the country.

Even more excitingly, Kinokuniya NYC invited Erica in for an interview last week. In twenty exciting minutes, the By Your Side author discusses her book, the history of Yuri, current shows to watch, and much more.

Watch it here!

Big name in the Big Apple

Since 2017, Anime NYC has been the Big Apple’s gala anime event. A sister convention to the enormous New York Comic Con, it’s a big deal…and an even bigger deal to be an invited guest!

In addition to signing and selling books the entire Nov. 17-19 weekend (we’re going to need a bigger warehouse…) Erica paneled with Zack Davisson and Abby Denson on the “Writing About Japan” panel, discussing what they, as outsiders, bring to the discussion. As Zack noted, outsiders ask questions no one inside does–one of the aspects that makes By Your Side such a landmark piece.

Next stop: Casa Con!

When the Pandemic hit, in-person conventions all went on hiatus. But con-runners turned lemons into lemonade, and virtual events hit the fandom world by storm. Even now, with the Pandemic largely passed (?) Discord-based conventions are still very popular, providing events for folks who lack the money or mobility to attend farflung cons–or even just for folks who’ve found they prefer the on-line milieu.

Casa Con is a free, three-day, online convention for lovers of anime and cosplay. And now, it’s also a chance to see Erica live. Join her Friday, Dec. 16th, 7 pm Eastern, for Researching BL and Yuri and Their Fandoms, as she and James Welker (editor of Queer Transfigurations: Boys Love Media in Asia) conduct a mutual interview.

Register now!

That’s it for this year. The Journey Press staff are going on hiatus until next year. Stay tuned for more news in 2023!

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