I Want The Stars

By Tom Purdom

Fleeing a utopian Earth, searching for meaning, Jenorden and his friends take to the stars to save a helpless race from merciless telepathic aliens.

But when travelers from another galaxy appear, offering to answer any question, reveal any secret and end any conflict, are their motives sinister…

…or sincere?

Hugo Finalist Tom Purdom’s I Want the Stars is a timeless classic, one of the first science fiction novels to star a person of color protagonist.

This special edition includes an essay on the book’s creation by the author!

ISBN: 978-1-951320-04-1

Categories: All Ages, Science Fiction

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Tom Purdom

Thomas Edward Purdom (born 1936) is an American writer best known for science fiction and nonfiction. His story Fossil Games was a nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 2000. He has also done music criticism since 1988. His works have been translated into German, Chinese, Burmese, Russian, and Czech. He lives in Philadelphia.[1]

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Alasadair Stuart’s The Full Lid

This is a fascinating book, not just because Purdom knows how to put together a well-paced, character-driven story but because of how modern it feels…

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What a fascinating book this is, by turns riproaring adventure, interesting philosophical rumination, and portrayal of an unique and plausible future for humanity…

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Speculative Fiction Showcase

Hugo finalist Tom Purdom is a science fiction writer who became interested in science fiction and space travel in 1950 and sold his first short story in 1957, two months before he turned 21 and a few months before Sputnik went into orbit…

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