Journey Press has arrived!

At long last, after months of hard work and endless anticipation, the newest independent press has arrived!

Why Journey Press?

Science fiction has been around as a genre for some eighty years. In many ways, the field is bigger than ever. On the one hand, that means that the reader has a huge range of options to choose from. On the other hand, this profusion of titles has drowned out the classics of the Golden and Silver Ages of science fiction.

And that’s a shame, because there’s darned good treasures from back then, waiting to be rediscovered.

As the founder of Galactic Journey, a Hugo Finalist portal to 55 years ago in science fact and fiction, I’ve had the pleasure of finding some of the best tales this genre has to offer. Moreover, I’ve discovered gems by the marginalized voices of the time — the women, the persons of color, the queer. One of Journey Press’ goals is to bring these masterpieces back into the light of day, sharing them with the modern audience. These stories aren’t just raw reprints; they are introduced and put in context by a team of rising authors you’ve probably seen in print already.

But Journey Press will not just be an archaeologist hunting for buried wealth. One of the paradoxes of the modern publishing scene is that, while there is more science fiction to read, there are still far fewer publishers than writers. For every thousand stories, maybe twenty-five ever see print. While this is for the good in some cases (not all stories deserve to be published!) there are plenty of worthy tales that never make it before the readers’ eyes.

Journey Press, in addition to publishing anthologies of the best vintage works, plans to produce collections of new works, too. And when we do, you can bet they will equal and even exceed the quality of our reprinted works.

Finally, Journey Press is collaborating with several other publishers, offering affiliated works where our authors have appeared. We know you’ll like those, too.

So please wander among the stacks, find a volume or two to enjoy, and thank you for joining us on our Journey!

-Gideon Marcus, Editor

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