Young people read Rediscovery!

In 1453, a wave of Byzantine refugees from the newly conquered city of Constantinople brought to Italy a treasure of lost classical Greek literature. This influx of knowledge and art spurred the European Renaissance.

We don’t expect our publication of Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963) to have quite so dramatic an effect on human history! But we are already starting to see ripples in the science fiction community, and the biggest one is probably this:

James Davis Nicoll is one of fandom’s best-known authors, on the Hugo ballot last year for best Fan Writer. His project, “Young People Read Old Science Fiction“, introduces the SF readers of today to the classics of yesterday, both to see how the old gems hold up to a new audience, and also to introduce vintage works to the modern age.

This year, Mr. Nicoll has chosen Rediscovery as the textbook for his new project. He has recruited ten people born after 1980 to review them.

We expect they are in for a happy surprise!

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