I Want the Stars is out!


Today, we are launching Tom Purdom’s timeless classic, I Want the Stars, now back in print after 56 years!


Eight hundred years from now, Earth is a paradise. Humanity has faced its greatest challenges…and won. Every wish is fulfilled. Every need is met.

But is that enough?

Jenorden wants more, wandering the galaxy with his friends as he seeks the answer. He knows his life is missing something. But what?

And when aliens from another galaxy appear, offering to answer any question and reveal any secret, are their motives sinister…

…or sincere?

Perhaps the first science fiction novel to star a person of color, I Want the Stars is a hopeful tale of tomorrow, one that resonates even more strongly today. You do not want to miss this amazing book!

Get your copy today!


Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963) and Kitra continue to be extremely popular. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, or if you’ve got friends who might want one, consider ordering them!

We also now have custom bookplates for Rediscovery and Kitra! If you’d like an autographed copy, we will be happy to mail you a signed bookplates! Just drop us a line.


And, as always, if you like what you’ve read, please consider leaving a review both at the book page on Journey Press and at Amazon/Goodreads. We really appreciate it!

Be well, and happy reading!


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