The Eighth Key is here!

We are very excited to announce our first release of the year, The Eighth Key, by Hugo Finalist Laura Weyr!

Featuring a steamy slow-burn male/male romance with one of the best-realized fantasy worlds I’ve seen, The Eighth Key is a must-get.

Queer fantasy romance is still a newish genre, so it’s always a delight to discover a new voice. And what a voice! Of course, Laura’s been writing for years, so it’s no surprise that her debut novel is put together with the polish and allure of a seasoned author. 

I’ve always maintained that for a romance to work, the reader has to fall in love with the characters even as they fall for each other. From the first meeting of Lucian, the devil-may-care bard, and Corwin, the uptight Shadow mage, I was hooked, rooting not only for them to succeed in their quest to bring back magic to a mana-parched world, but also for them to make it as a couple — even as revelations of increasing moment threatened to tear them apart.

The Eighth Key is not just a passionate romance. It’s also a great fantasy novel. The setting of a world where magic is fading away is not an uncommon trope. Laura takes several new spins on the theme, creating a truly rich universe. This ain’t no Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings clone.

I could go on, but I think the book speaks for itself. TL;DR, if you like the following:

✨Queer characters

✨Hot romance

✨High fantasy

…you’ll love this book!

We’ve made The Eighth Key as easy as possible to get into your hands. Not only is it available in e-book and paperback, but you can order it from virtually anywhere — including your local bookstore (which can get signed copies on request!)

Choose the option below that works best for you:


eBook – Direct from us!

….Or, call up your local independent bookstore and ask for The Eighth Key by Laura Weyr!

Look forward to a new release from Journey Press every three months. We can’t wait to share even more books with you!

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