Single-author collections are a fine way to discover new authors, but sometimes a selection is even better. One cannot know if one enjoys something until one samples it. If variety is your desire, track down Gideon Marcus’ Rediscovery Vol 1: SF by Women (1958–1963). Not only will you find fourteen classic tales of science fiction by fourteen different authors, but each story is accompanied by commentary by a modern luminary. Best of all, Marcus sidesteps the usual trap of reprinting stories already often published. Even if you are familiar with Judith Merril, Rosel George Brown, Kit Reed, and the other classic authors, the odds are very good you have not read these particular works.

James Davis Nicoll curated a wonderful list of older SF collections for – and chose to cap it off with Rediscovery! Nicoll notes the special attention Marcus paid to highlighting lesser-known gems of the silver age, and he compliments the choice to pair them with modern, up-and-coming authors.

Even if you’ve already read and enjoyed Rediscovery, you are likely to find many other collections up your alley in this excellent list. The Two-Handed Engine by C. L. Moore and her husband Henry Kuttner, The Hole in the Moon by Margaret St. Clair… there is much to love and (re)discover!

Read the full article here.

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