Parallel Worlds Magazine Reviews KITRA by Gideon Marcus

While the plot is motivated by challenges the crew faces with space travel, overall this is a happy and fun book. It’s reminiscent of a coming-of-age road trip story, with an emphasis on adventure.

Let’s kick off Pride Month with a review of Kitra by Hugo Award Finalist Gideon Marcus! Featuring a young, bisexual woman of color, Kitra is a fantastic June reading choice — and Parallel Worlds Magazine is here to tell you all about what makes it so wonderful.

For those captivated by ‘what if?’ and those for whom this world is not enough, Parallel Worlds is a monthly magazine focused on the greatest in escapist media today. We’re so thrilled to see Kitra featured here!

The author of the review, Robin Rose Graves, highlights Marcus’ commitment to making the science behind the story loyal to reality while remaining accessible to readers of all backgrounds. The characters have to make hard, realistic choices… all while dealing with their own interpersonal issues, too. “Anxiety over survival persists all the while presenting readers with brilliant alien worlds, authentically relaying the ‘no reward without risk’ nature of adventure,” says Robin.

And for those who’ve fallen in love with Kitra & co., we urge you to stay on the lookout. We’ll soon be releasing some exciting news about the sequel, Sirena!

Get your copy of Parallel Worlds today!

Robin Rose Graves is a freelance writer based in Buffallo raised on alien conspiracy theory documentaries and drive-in theatres. Through prose, she seeks to capture the fantastical side of sci-fi and apocalyptic fiction with a touch of romance. Her work is a somber, yet sensitive presence in genre fiction. Graves has been featured on The Feminist Wire and Simultaneous Times, a scifi and speculative Podcast. She is an advocate for self-publishing.

Follow her on Twitter and Youtube as SpicyMisoRamen.

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