Now Available: Sirena – Book Two in The Kitra Saga!

It’s been a long road, but Sirena, book two in The Kitra Saga, is here at last!

Writing is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s really something I’ve always been doing. I wrote my first real science fiction story when I was 14 for Freshman English, and I’ve written nonfiction professionally since 2015. But I never realized how fundamental writing was for me, how much there was boiling to get out, until I finally gave myself time to devote to it.

In April 2018, I turned in my resignation from the big-time software executive position I’d held since 2015. That day, I wrote the first 1000 words of Kitra. All I’d needed was some bandwidth.

Still, that first book was tough. Kitra took me a year and a half to write, between first, second, third, and fourth drafts. It was a learning experience figuring out how to write long-form when I’d just done short stories to date. When I was all done, I was worn out. But I also knew there were more stories to tell. Heck, I had ten books’ worth of material I wanted to create! I had a clear idea what the arc would be (really two main arcs) but I didn’t even know where to begin on Book 2.

Summer of 2020, I made a few false starts. I created a few scenes. I wasn’t unhappy with them, but I knew I hadn’t really started the book yet. Then it all clicked — start at the beginning, put the scenes I’d done at the front of Part Two, and I was off to the races. Sirena, drafts and all, took less than a year.

Sirena represents the first real adventure of Kitra and her crew. This time, they go where they mean to go. Of course, what they find isn’t quite what they expect.

After the first book, I had a lot of readers express an interest in learning more about the characters, particularly Pinky. There are a lot of good backstory bits in this one, as well as development of all of the cast. I’m also pleased with the debut of several new characters, especially the titular Sirena. I think you will love them as much as the rest of the gang; I know I do.

With a beautiful cover that goes perfectly with Kitra‘s, SEVEN illustrations, more characters, and higher stakes, I think it’s an even better book than Kitra. Which I’m okay with. If a writer’s first book is their worst, they’re doing something right! Especially if it’s still a pretty great book that they can be proud of.

So thank you for waiting patiently. I hope you enjoy reading Sirena as much as I enjoyed creating it.

If you’re wondering the best way to purchase Sirena, I strongly recommend getting it from your local bookstore. Chances are your store has already got Sirena in stock — with signed bookplates inside! — but if they don’t, you can always call and ask them to bring it in. Doing so means they will be sure to order more Journey Press titles in the future, which is always helpful.

On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry, you can always order the books from or even Amazon. You can also get ebooks, either straight from us, from a Kobo distributor, or (again) Jeff Bezos. There is no wrong way to get a Journey Press title. Simply follow the links below and read it today! 🙂

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