It’s getting #Musky in here

Social media has always been something we’ve had a hate/hate relationship with. Sure, it’s been somewhat useful for promotion, and we’ve made some friends, but for the most part, it’s an icky, toxic, scroll of doom. For a long time, we sucked it up. In particular, we used Twitter. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, it was the worst of all the platforms…except for all of the others.

Now, that schmuck of a narcissist, Saint Elon of Musk, has taken it over. Already, it’s getting worse, and there is no incentive for him to make it better.

“But, I’ve already got adblockers and addins that ensure Twitter never shows me anything but what my friends post, in chronological order. He’s not making any money off me, right?”

Well, wrong. When you get something for free, make no mistake–you aren’t a customer; you’re the product. We are what’s being sold: Our eyes, our engagement, our content, our privacy.

After all, it’s not like you go on Twitter for the ads.

So, we’re done with Twitter (and we hope you are, too) at least until Musk plows it into the ground and saner heads prevail–if that’s possible at this point. Instead, we’re going to produce content where we can control it. With this blog, in bite-sized chunks. With Journey Press, with superlative, speculative books.

We may even go outside.

We understand there’s people out there, too…

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It’ll be cooler than Twitter, we promise.

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