We’ve been keeping a lid on this exciting news, but now there’s no containing it.

Journey Press will be publishing Brooke Binkowski’s debut book in 2024!

Who is Brooke Binkowski? Only one of the 21st Century’s premier journalists. Only the former Managing Editor of, who turned the fledgling fact-check site into the powerhouse it is today. Only the super-feminist, Nazi-punching dynamo fighting for truth, justice, and a better American way!

Now she’s turning her awesome powers to fiction, and boy has she got a doozy:

What is truth, when the lies we tell become reality?

196X: The world is rocked by the discovery that magic is real. It’s always been real. And now it can be scientifically harnessed…by those with the skill and the will.

199X: Araminta Malinowski and her teen techno-mage friends meet on a local magic-focused online forum to tackle one of the most challenging magical experiments of all – creating an entire universe of their own.

202X: Lily McGee’s life has been getting strange in recent months. The Los Angeles-area radio reporter has always been beset by unusual and magical events, but lately it seems to have been rising to a fever pitch – broadcasts seem to be tailored to her ears alone, hostile people who all seem to know exactly who she is appear and disappear wherever she goes with nightmarish speed, and her memory is disappearing. 

At the same time, climate change is accelerating by the day and the most anodyne magic has started to have unforeseen and unprecedented side effects, as if everything is coming apart at the seams.

And it all seems to tie back to the days when McGee went by her birth name–Malinowski. When the promising experiment went all wrong. What happened to it? Where did her old friends go? What happened to the love of McGee’s life, who had been there for all of it? And why can’t she remember?

As she investigates her own missing memories, she discovers secret after magical secret across universes in which very little is as it seems, truth is nebulous, and the past never rests easy.

From fiction to fact

Why the jump from journalism to speculative fiction? Maybe because they aren’t all that different. In Brooke’s lifetime, memes and fake news and trolls (the internet kind) sprang into existence almost as if by magic. And in writing this book, a self-described love-letter to Argentinian magic-realist Jorge Luis Borges, Brooke compellingly conveys a cautionary and inspiring tale that no piece of journalism, no matter how hard-hitting or complete, can tell.

Brooke’s book, still awaiting the perfect title, will be out in 2024. In the meantime, you can follow her on Mastodon, where she crusades for the truth. And, of course, punches Nazis.

(While you’re at it, follow us on Mastodon, too — we’ve abandoned Twitter ever since #Muskrats took it over…)

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