Nerds of a Feather Interviews Gideon Marcus, Author of Kitra

Kitra is a story of perseverance in the face of fear and uncertainty, and that we only get through times like these by helping each other. Uplifting and positive, this novel speaks to all ages.

Gideon Marcus, Hugo Award Finalist and space historian, had the great pleasure of being invited to join the team at Nerds of a Feather for an interview!

Known for his Hugo nominated fanzine, Galactic Journey, Gideon has been a long-time member of the speculative fiction community. He’s known for actively cultivating opportunities for diverse voices to be highlighted.

I want young people, and older ones too, to read my book and see a world that looks like theirs, with all the diversity therein.

In fact, his novel, Kitra, features a young, bisexual Turkish woman who dreams of going to space. Growing up, Gideon rarely saw young women starring in the books he read – let along queer women of color. As an author, he had a chance to change that. So he did.

Read the full interview here.

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