The Eighth Key is FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

We have been blown away by the positive reaction to our first foray into Fantasy Gay Romance, Hugo Finalist Laura Weyr’s The Eighth Key. I mean, we knew y’all would like it, but we didn’t realize how much!

As kind of a reward, and to help reach as many electronic readers as we can, we have decided to make The Eighth Key free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers

Whether you’re a fan of rich fantasy worlds or a devotee of queer romance novels — or a combination of both — you will find much to love in The Eighth Key. It’s got a slow burn, a happy ending, and some blow-your-mind, beautiful scenes. Not to mention plenty of steam…

The Eighth Key actually represents our first time working with Kindle Unlimited. To tell the truth, we were a little uncomfortable with the idea. Journey Press is strongly committed to the independent bookstore: 90% of our 2020 sales were through local brick-and-mortar establishments around the country. Among the bookstore community, you don’t even mention the evil “A” word.

On the other hand, a lot of folks really like their e-readers. We want to be sure to reach all of you, and KU is pretty much the most popular solution.

What ultimately decided us was when some of Weyr’s fans posted that they had bought the e-book so they could read it immediately, but that they’d also purchased a hard copy from their local bookstore so 1) they could have a physical version to enjoy whenever they wanted and 2) because most local bookstores carrying The Eighth Key have signed copies!

So, instead of taking sales away from independent bookstores, by releasing the book for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, we are likely boosting physical book sales. It’s a win-win-win for everyone… 

Particularly YOU. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy this delicious read on us. And if you like finding books on KU, let us know. We may release some of our other titles there, too!

Check out Journey Press’ favorite bookstores!

The coolest book you’ve never heard of…

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