This is why we CAN have nice things!

Let me start with the most important news:

Only until the end of this month, the e-book version of Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963) is on sale for just $2.99.

That’s half price, folks.

There. You can stop reading. Oooorrr… you can hear me explain why it’s on sale. And also hear some exciting news about Rediscovery 2. Yes, you heard that right!

For the low, low price…

Rediscovery has been our most successful title, bar none. It has been and is being carried by bookstores across the globe. Some books have a brief lifespan and then disappear from the shelves. When booksellers sell out of Rediscovery, they reorder it. Folks keep finding it in the wild and reporting on it, like Alex Sherman-Cross at Copper Dog Books in Boston, MA, or Or Rich Horton at Bay Books in Suttons Bay, MI,

We are absolutely thrilled that folks are enjoying Rediscovery and the convenience of having Rediscovery available at their local bookstore. At the same time, we’ve been a little mystified at how much more people seem to want Rediscovery in paper rather than electronic form. It’s not even close: like 9 to 1.

Perhaps it’s because a collection of classics feels more right in printed form. Or maybe the doomsayers who said that e-books would kill paper books were just wrong.

But at the same time, we know there’s a big e-reader fanbase, so if cost is a barrier to access this title, well, we want to make sure it isn’t. 🙂

Herald of things to come

The other reason we’ve put Rediscovery on sale is as a kind of celebration. We are now in the advanced stages of putting Rediscovery 2 together. This volume will cover the years immediately prior to the first Rediscovery, the mid-50s heyday of science fiction’s Silver Age. In addition to stories by authors both known and forgotten, we’ll also be including poetry, fanzine articles, and women-penned editorials to round out our coverage of the era.

It’s been an absolutely thrilling project, not just assembling this volume, but getting to read all the stories written by women in this era. We have gone through no fewer than 500 different pieces in our quest to distill the best SF. And since these are published stories, it isn’t like slush-pile reading — every piece has something to recommend it.

Release date for Rediscovery 2 will be late February 2022, just in time for Women’s History Month. That’s only six months away!

So, pick up a copy of the first Rediscovery this month. That’ll give you time to read a clutch of amazing stories before the next batch comes out!

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