On the Road with Gideon and Janice

When Journey Press started, we concentrated mostly on getting our books into bookstores. After all, our priority is to sell books! But over time, our readers began requesting that copies of our books be ordered by local libraries, both municipal and university. After all, when a book is on a library shelf (or in an electronic catalog), it can be read by lots of people, especially ones who can’t afford to buy books new. We price our books as low as we can, but it can still be too much for some folks.

That’s when we made libraries a fundamental part of our distribution. Not only do we let libraries know about each of our titles, but we often encourage our readers to do the same (hint! 🙂 )

The other day, our efforts paid off in a huge, really fun way.

San Diego Library presents… Gideon and Janice (and Lorelei)!

Isn’t that a beautiful building? The new San Diego Library is an absolute marvel. One of the many cool things they do is work with local authors to showcase worthy books. That’s how Rediscovery 2, Sirena, and At First Contact ended up in special display cases in the main concourse of the library!

More than a hundred local authors congregated for the event. We hadn’t realized there were so many writers in the community, but it makes sense–San Diego is the eighth largest metropolitan area in the country, and the event covered all genres of books.

They had a fantastic singer and accompanist duo, a lovely catered spread, and lots of interesting folks to talk to. It was a lot of fun, and we are looking forward to next year’s event!

Interview with Clarkesworld

Clarkesworld is one of science fiction’s leading magazines, so you can bet we were honored when the esteemed Arley Sorg dropped us a line and said he’d like to interview Gideon and Janice about their books, as well as their involvement with their web project, Galactic Journey.

We don’t know when the interview will come out, but it’s a good, long one, and we’ll let you know when it publishes!

A brief pause

The winter “vacation” ended up being a whirl of activity. We’ve got an exciting (but secret) new author we’re discussing the possibility of working with. Also, Gideon was approached by several agents in the last few weeks over the possibility of shopping the Kitra saga out to traditional (i.e. Big 5) publishers. There are pros and cons to doing that, but the attention certainly is flattering!

In any event, as a result, we’re not quite sure when our next book will be released, or which one will be first. But don’t worry–we’re not going anywhere, and you can still get all of our great line-up at your local bookstore, library, or at the online shop of your convenience.

Until next time…keep flying high!

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